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Trader Joes Find – Red Quinoa

Shopping took me past Trader Joes and found some things to try. I liked these Nutritional Facts Labels so I bought a sample of each to test in a recipe. Organic Red Quinoa – Ahh, going to be a base for some Taco Meat! I’m thinking Red Quinoa, some roasted […]

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Healthy Spinach Pasta

This is one of my favorite Spinach Pastas to use. Its from a company called “al dente Pasta Company“. I have made homemade pasta since I was 16 working in a restaurant and I’ll say that ‘regular’ pasta is easy but gets a bit difficult when you make Spinach Pasta. […]


Avocado & Poached Egg Toast

UPDATE: I’ve made this many times with various sliced fruit but I think its best with sliced Mango and Strawberries! I can make this one in my sleep (how simple is that!) and we have this in our house about once a week. You can top the toast with Avocado […]