This January 2019 was my experience with heart disease that came undetected, without symptoms, but still resulted in a heart attack.  I was the first patient of the day at my Doctors office for a sinus drip causing a scratchy throat. Went into exam room and within 2 minutes had a sudden heart attack!

Through the care and treatment by my Doctor (Dr. Mohammad Danesh), the excellent staff at the hospital (Loma Linda University Medical Center – Murrieta) and my awesome cardiologist (Dr. Manila Zaman), I survived it.

What was odd is the nursing staff kept referring to me as “The Lotto Winner”. On the second day I finally asked the CCU Nurse why they all said that and she replied:
“You won the Lotto because you had your heart attack in your Doctors office, Dr. Danesh quickly determined it was probably a STEMI heart attack (which it was – a total blockage of the artery), the AMR ambulance was there inside two minutes, and when you got to the ER Dr. Zaman and the team were ready for your procedure which was performed inside 60 minutes of your heart attack and your went back into full function (meaning no detectable heart damage). You sir, ‘Won The Lotto’ – that is very rare!”

Through the hospitals’ Cardiac Rehab Program of exercise, education and supervision by RN Lisa, Certified Exercise Physiologists Chad & Michelle Le, and Registered Dietitian Agata over the last several months, I have lost over 45 pounds and cut my cholesterol numbers over 62%! I TOTALLY dedicated myself to their program to prevent this happening again. This is my new Nutritional Lifestyle!

And WOW! I feel better now than I have in a VERY long time!

What I learned in this journey I want to share and make much easier for all of you understand about living a healthy lifestyle, though nutritional diet and physical exercise. But I also found it difficult to find a place to share these findings with others.

It was then that www.LivingNutritionally.com went from an idea to being born as a website. Here you can quickly and simply learn in plain english we can easily understand (not in technically detailed biological anatomy terms) what the basics you need to know are about cardiovascular health, blood pressure, cholesterol, a hearth healthy diet, fitness vs. physical activity, and sharing nutritional recipes.

But not just sharing recipes – I will also analyze your submitted recipes to create a Nutritional Facts Label so you can see just where those ‘old family recipes’ fall in health-wise. I will then provide the recipe with heart healthy substitutions and recreate the Nutrition Facts Label so you can compare!

So submit your Recipes with our form!  Also make your Comments and Reviews so we can continually improve to make this your central source for Living A Nutritional and Fit Lifestyle!

NOTE: As a strong believer in research, data and validation from qualified resources, people and institutions only – not the media outlets or word of mouth. The Resources page lists all the places that I use and will update as quickly and often as I can.