Macadamia & Cashew Milks are Wonderful

These two Whole Foods finds are awesome! I love both Macadamia nuts and Cashew nuts and have them as a treat now and then, mostly because they’re expensive. I just tried both of these milk substitutes with lunch and they both taste wonderful. Both are Organic and Unsweetened. The taste of both is immediately evident that one is made from the Macadamia nut and the other from Cashew nuts, but I would expect that What I didn’t expect is how much richer they were compared to Almond Milk . The Cashew Milk is especially good with much more than a hint of Cashew making it perfectly rich tasting without being too much – I think it will be perfect mixed with a little Plain Unsweetened Non-Fat Yogurt (to thicken slightly) and pour over berries.

What I did to both after about 3 ounces of each, is add 2 tablespoons of Pre Grade A Maple Syrup to each container and shake well. Then another taste test – WOW!

Such a small amount of Maple syrup doesn’t make it taste like Maple Syrup – but it does a great job sweetening it up a nice amount! Now they taste great!

Note: I always buy the Unsweetened versions of milk substitutes and sweeten it myself. I have fooled nearly everyone with what I sweetened them with. Less is More!

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