Frozen Fruit is Great!

Myths about Frozen Fruit

Did you know:

  • Fruit that is too ripe for the markets at harvest time is flash frozen and sold in bags.
  • Looks for sales and mix & match berry mixes – I always have about three or four 4 pound bags in the freezer.
  • What you get in those frozen bags can be healthy!
    • Some even include Kale!
    • Make sure it is Organic.
    • If possible, make sure it’s NON-GMO.
    • Make sure its in natural juice or water and not in any Light or Heavy Syrups!
  • It tastes just as good and is just as tasty as using fresh fruit with a fraction of the cost and labor!
  • If making smoothies takes you more than 10 minutes you’re doing it wrong!

Here are some examples I have bought and made really good Smoothies with a a little Almond Milk and Non-Fat Yogurt (regular and/or Greek) to get a nice consistency and balanced taste.

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