Amazon Whole Foods Finds

Dropped by the Whole Foods Market to spend a Gift Certificate and went on the prowl for some Interesting ingredients. Here’s what I found:

The Chickpea Pasta really caught my eye – will try this tonight! The Red and Green Lentil Pastas I’ve tried in a different brand but I’ll try these to see ow they taste.

Black Bean Pasta! This sounds good, and colorful, for a cold Summer Pasta. Will add some brightly colored vegetables and make it look as good as it tastes! This mixture of Quinoa, Jasmine Rice and Chickpeas sounded tasty so I have to try this too.

I always have Organic Black Beans on hand so I wanted to try these. Same with Organic Chickpeas. Now the frozen bag of Coastal Blend veggies caught my eye because that’s a blend I’ve done myself – So, I’ll try these. REMEMBER: like frozen fruit, these are veggies that are a little too ripe for other uses so they are flash frozen. Good news is they are ripe, Bad news is they can easily over cook when warmed because they were ripe – so gently heat them.

I get Zucchini and Squash Noodles all the time – never had Sweet Potato Noodles so these flew into the basket. Kale! Need I say more? Super Healthy!

I go through a Almond Milk all the time so I thought I would give these a try.

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